Thomas E L Smith, PhD

Environmental Geographer

Associate Professor | Geography & Environment | London School of Economics

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I am a geographer and environmental scientist, specialising in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the role of biomass burning in the Earth system. I enjoy highly collaborative research focusing on greenhouse gas and reactive emissions from wildland fires in tropical peatlands, European heathlands, and savannas. I am particularly interested in complex interactions between agricultural practices, land degradation, fire emissions characteristics and their associated impacts. Expertise include infrared and VNIR spectroscopy, tropical environmental change, wildfire spread modelling, knowledge exchange, and land management decision support. 

Key topics:
Tropical peatland fires : fire emissions | particulates | depth-of-burn | sustainable development
Wildfire emissions : Australia | South Africa | Malaysia | UK peatlands

FTIR gas spectrometry | Infrared spectroscopy | Wildfire spread modelling | LiDAR

Trocari | Imperial Hazelab | Freestation | UK Tropical Peatland Working Group